Accelerants Twelve Strategies to Sell Faster, Close Deals Faster, and Grow Your Business Faster

Michael A. Boylan, "Accelerants: Twelve Strategies to Sell Faster, Close Deals Faster, and Grow Your Business Faster"
2007 | ISBN: 159184150X | 240 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 3,2 MB

Six Sigma is to quality, as Accelerants is to sales and new business development. Understand and learn this comprehensive set of business development principles, shape them around each business unit’s offerings and target markets, then apply them in the field to drive more revenue, more efficiently and effectively. Your business developers will be glad you did, as will all your stakeholders. (Michael Meyer, CEO and chairman, i360 Technologies, Inc.; Former CEO, Cap Gemini, America)

With procurement taking a larger role in how companies buy, coupled with consolidation of decision-making power and authority at the top, Accelerants does a masterful job of explaining why these twelve constraints get in the way of getting more business, so you can minimize them. A brilliant way of explaining what’s blocking a company’s forward progress, and how [to get] going again! (James Woodward, former senior vice president, Cap Gemini America)

Years of refining these tools with major clients ought to indicate the process has integrity and delivers results, based on the firms who continue to embrace the tools. What are you waiting for if your goal is to drive more business into the organization? Accelerants should be learned, practiced, and embraced by every single sales and business developer you employ, if you expect to remain competitive. (Jay E. Mincks, executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Administaff, Inc.)

Accelerants …offers twelve tools which can be used individually to address certain challenges––or, as a cohesive process in the field, whichever you chose! This is unique, and offers the flexibility companies need to address the complexities of getting more business on the books efficiently!
Steve Prentiss, senior vice president of human resources, ADP Brokerage Services

Senior management wake-up. Here is a best-in-class tool-set for you and your producers, regardless of how seasoned and tenured they may be! It is a fabulous, step-by- step approach that can be flexed to the specifics of each opportunity to bring in more deals, bigger and faster, while assisting in the accuracy of your forecasting. Learn the process! (John Murray, chairman and CEO, AdvancePath Academics; former chairman and CEO, PLATO Learning

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