Adaptive Control Stability, Convergence, and Robustness


The objective ol` this tiorak is tts give. in at concise and unilied

fashitm. the major results. techniques of analysis and new directions nf

research in adaptive systems. Such a treatment is particularly.- timely.

given the rapid advances in miciuprocessor and multi-processor techno]-

ngj.- which make it possible to implement thc fairly complicated noti-

Iinear and time varying control laws assoeiatlctl with adaptive control.

Indeed. Iimitatiuris tu future growth can hardly he expected :0 he com-

pulatiunal. but rather {min at lack ufa Fundamental understanding of` the

methodologies for the design. cvaluatitm and testing of the algorithms.

Our nhjectivt: has boen to give :1 clear. iznnceptual presentation of adap-

tive methods, to enablc :1 critical evaluation ol` those techniques and sug-

gest avenues ol` further tlrvteltspment.

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