Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP

Xun Xu, Andrew Y.C. Nee, “Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP” 
Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 1848827385 | 481 pages | PDF | 13,8 MB

The globalisation of manufacturing has led to a need for a common language which can be used throughout the entire product development life cycle. Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP discusses the most successful of the proposed solutions – the Standard for Exchange of Product model, or STEP. STEP aims to provide a complete computer-interpretable product data format, so that users can integrate business and technical data to support all aspects of the product development cycle, e.g., design, analysis, manufacturing, sales and customer services. Of particular significance is the publication of STEP-NC as an extension of STEP to NC, utilising the feature-based concept for CNC machining purposes.

The contributors to this volume are based in some of the world’s leading national research institutes and universities and enterprises. The twenty chapters cover recent research results, and a range of STEP and STEP-NC application case studies from the fields of design and manufacturing.Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP will serve as a useful compilation for researchers and students in advanced manufacturing technologies and manufacturing information systems. It offers a range of literature concerning the use of STEP in both design and manufacturing domains.


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