Airplane Design – T Volumes – DrJan Roskam.

The purpose of this series of books on Airplane Design is to familiarize aerospace engineering students with the methodology and decision making involved in the

process of designing airplanes.

To design an airplane it is necessary that a ml&B1Q¤.E¤E£1f1£¤LiQn for the airplane is available. Airplane mission specifications come about in different ways. depending on the type of airplane and sometimes depending on the customer.

Figure 1.1 illustrates several paths along which mission specifications can evolve. The reader will note. that the words   and   appear in Figure 1.1. This series of books concentrates on these phases of airplane design. Many airplanes never make it beyond the initial or preliminary design phase. In fact. most don’t. What happens beyond the preliminary design phase depends to a large extent on the results obtained during preliminary design and on the real or perceived market interest


If. as a result of the preliminary design studies a specific need can be met. then full scale development of the airplane can follow. If. as a result of the preliminary design studies certain problem areas are discovered (such as specific technological deficiencies which need development to be corrected. or such as a lacking data base) then a research and development program can be initiated aimed at overcoming these problems. Eventually. with the problems solved. a final mission specification is evolved which then can lead to full scale development.

If it becomes evident during the research program. that the problems cannot be solved in a reasonable time frame or at a reasonable cost. the subject design can be

dropped or modified.

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