The papers in this volume comprise the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI-2004), which formed part of the 18th World Computer Congress of IFIP, the International Federation for Information Processing (WCC-2004), in Toulouse, France in August 2004.

The conference is organised by the IFIP Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (Technical Committee 12) and its Working Group 12.5 (Artificial Intelligence Applications). Further information about both can be found on the website at

A very promising sign of the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence techniques in practical applications is the large number of submissions received this time – more than twice the number for the Artificial Intelligence stream of the last World Computer Congress two years ago. All papers were reviewed by at least three members of the Programme Committee. The best 40 were selected for the conference and are included in this volume. The international nature of IFIP is amply reflected in the large number of countries represented here.

The conference also featured an invited talk by Eunika Mercier-Laurent and a Symposium on Professional Practice in Artificial Intelligence, which ran alongside the refereed papers.

I should like to thank the joint conference chairs, Professor John Debenham and Dr. Eunika Mercier-Laurent and my co-program chair Dr. Vladan Devedzic for all their efforts in organising the conference and the members of our programme committee for reviewing an unexpectedly large number of papers to a tight deadline. I should also like to thank my wife Dawn for her  help in editing this volume of proceedings.

This is the first in a new series of conferences dedicated to real-world applications of AI around the world. The wide range and importance of these applications is clearly indicated by the papers in this volume. Both are likely to increase still further as time goes by and we intend to reflect these developments in our future conferences.

Max Bramer

Chair, IFIP Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence

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