Australian Horror Films, 1973-2010

Australian Horror Films, 1973-2010 By Peter Shelley
2012 | 326 Pages | ISBN: 0786461675 | EPUB | 6 MB
This pioneering work provides in-depth coverage of 76 horror films produced in Australia, where serial killers, carnivorous animals, mutants, zombies, vampires and evil spirits all receive the "antipodean" cinematic treatment unique to the Land Down Under. Titles covered were released between 1973 and 2010, a period coinciding with the revival of the long-dormant Australian film industry in the early 1970s, and continuing into the second wave of genre production spurred by the international success of the 2005 chiller Wolf Creek. The Cars That Ate Paris, The Last Wave, Roadgames, Razorback, Outback Vampires, Queen of the Damned, Black Water, and The Reef are among the titles represented. Each film is covered in a chapter that includes a cast and credits list, release information, contemporary reviews and DVD availability, as well as a synopsis and in-depth notes about the story, filmmaking techniques, acting performances, recurring themes and motifs, and overall effectiveness of the film as a work of horror.

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