Bang Your Head The Real Story of The Missing Link

Dewey Robertson, Meredith Renwick, "Bang Your Head: The Real Story of The Missing Link"
2006 | pages: 251 | ISBN: 1550227270 | PDF | 11,1 mb

A much-loved character of U.S. and Canadian rope operas is revealed in this tale of the true-life events that led to the birth, life, and downfall of The Missing Link. The Link was a bizarre, seemingly primitive character, his body-builder's physique juxtaposed with the dress and manners of a silver screen caveman as he stalked the ring or bashed his head into objects. Dewey Robertson's performance was more than an act, however; it was also a manifestation of his inner demons. In the first part of his career, Robertson won the Canadian Heavyweight Championship belt, but it was only after his move to the U.S. that he transformed into one of wrestling's most popular goons. As the regional wrestling territories began to fold, his career crumbled and his physical and mental states disintegrated due to drug, alcohol, and steroid abuse. A year of homelessness and destitution marked the nadir of his life, but when Robertson returned to Canada for a long recovery he found that his fans had not forgotten him. Written with candor and the wisdom of experience, this account tells of struggles with substance—and with self—and of strength both in and out of the ring.

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