Barcelona, Spain City Travel Guide 2013 Attractions, Restaurants, and More

Barcelona, Spain City Travel Guide 2013: Attractions, Restaurants, and More… (DBH Mega City Guides)
ASIN:B005RPDVQS | 2012 | 90 pages | EPUB/MOBI + PDF | 4Mb + 4Mb
The most important thing to remember while in Barcelona is to enjoy your surroundings- every corner you turn will bring you to another visual surprise. The day trips in this guide will really give you a sense of the culture and landscape of the Catalunyan region. There is so much history in this region of Spain, and if thoughts of sipping Cava don't entice you to leave Barcelona to discover its surroundings, then maybe ancient Roman ruins or sun-drenched beaches will. Monserrat is absolutely not to be missed! This jagged and mysterious mountain range is completely matchless and has incredible views from the top, but getting up there via the Funicular ride is half the fun. You will come to discover that Catalunya is distinct, but Barcelona is one of Spain's true wonders."

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