Basic Electrical Technology

Basic Electrical Technology
Publisher: EE IIT Kharagpur | 2008 | ISBN: N/A | English | PDF | 750 pages | 13.52 Mb
Welcome to this course on Basic Electrical Technology. Engineering students of almost alldisciplines has to undergo this course (name may be slightly different in different coursecurriculum) as a core subject in the first semester. It is needless to mention that how much we are dependent on electricity in our day to day life. A reasonable understanding on the basics of applied electricity is therefore important for every engineer.

Introducing the course Introduction
Module-1 Introduction
Module-2 D.C. circuits
Module-3 D.C transient
Module-4 Single phase A.C circuits
Module-5 Three phase circuits
Module-6 Magnetic circuits & Core losses
Module-7 Transformer
Module-8 Three phase induction motor
Module-9 D.C Machines
Module-10 Measuring instruments

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