Biomaterials and medical tribology Research and development

J. Paulo Davim – Biomaterials and medical tribology: Research and development
Published: 2013-07-17 | ISBN: 0857090178 | PDF | 490 pages | 13 MB

Medical tribology can be defined as the science of tribological phenomena in the human body, both those that naturally occur in the tissues or organs and those that arise after implantation of an artificial device, while biomaterials are inert substances designed to be incorporated into living systems. The editor, J. Paulo Davim, brings together a collection of high quality articles and case studies focusing on new research and developments in these two important fields of medical tribology and biomaterials. Contributions provide details of the different types of biomaterials, including metals, polymers and composites and offer an analysis of friction, wear, lubrication and other related issues in specific applications.

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