Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu Concepts

Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu Concepts
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From Average Competitor To Champion In One Year!
Over the past year Keenan Cornelius has virtually come out of nowhere to become on of the most well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners in the world. In 2012 he became the first ever competitor to win double gold at every major tournament he entered as a purple belt. Since becoming a Brown Belt he hasn’t slowed down one bit – winning double gold at every major IBJJF tournament as of this taping and even winning a spot in the most prestigious tournament in the world, the Abu Dhabi Championships. At the same time Keenan has been dominating his belt levels, when given the chance in tournaments like the Abu Dhabi Pro and Grappler’s Quest, he has beaten some very top Black Belts.

Why should I care about his accolades… What can this do for me?

Lets be honest though, why in the world should you care that Keenan has improved so dramatically in such a short time? Because that’s what separates Keenan from the other top competitors… until recently he wasn’t very good! In fact, he struggled mightily. As recently as 2011 Keenan went to the world championships as a purple belt… and lost. Like most of the other competitors there he went home with no medals. Then something changed. Keenan figured out a few concepts that the other guys weren’t doing. Once he figured them out and drilled them repeatedly, his game broke out – broke out in a way that no one has ever done before. In just a year, he went from total obscurity to grappling celebrity.

These Moves Will Help Your Game – Guaranteed!
After winning double Gold – Again – at the 2013 Pan Championship – Keenan decided to make a DVD series to teach these breakout concepts. The techniques and concepts he shows aren’t the run of the mill moves you can just look up free on Youtube. He is going to break down the actual moves and drills he uses and practices. His DVD series isn’t meant to just show techniques, it is meant to give the viewer 5 private lessons – and you can’t put a price tag on that.

He Has To Limit The Number He Releases…
DVDs need to be ordered in advance and he can’t worry about DVD sales and the inevitable customer service requests and hiccups that go with it every day of the year. That is why he will release them in limited batches.


DVD 1: Passing – Keenan’s Unique Passing System(s)
– Grip Breaks – A Step Most Ignore, But The Best Competiors Don’t.. (never seen before)
– Leg Drag Pass – Keenan’s #1 Preferred Pass
– Vs. Regular Players
– Vs. Flexible Guys
– Drills to Perfect
– Troubleshooting The Leg Drag
– Killing The De LA Riva – One Of The Highest Percentage Passes in BJJ – You Must Beat This Sweep If You Are Going To Win At The Highest level
– The “Duck Under”
– The “Pressure Pass” – Same Move Rodolfo Viera used On Keenan At Copa Podio Jan 2013
– Spider Guard Passing
– Basic Spider Pass
– Leg Lasso Pass
– Leg Push Pass

DVD 2: Passing The Guard – Volume 2
– Open Guard Passing
– Modified Toreiando
– Keenan’s Red Light/Green Light System (You need to think about this when you pass)
– Stomp Pass That He Used On Paulo Miyao at 2013 Europeans
– Passing The Inverted Guard (without fear)
– Concepts Of The Open Guard
– Cross Collar Grip Inverted Pass
– Diving Pass
– Passing The Tornado Guard
– Knee Shield Pass
– Berimbolo Defense

DVD 3: High Percentage Submissions
– Wristlocks 101
– From Top Or Bottom
– Anatomy of the Wrist Lock
– Side Control Chokes
– How To Eliminate Space
– The Sneakiest Lapel Submission You Have Ever Seen
– Brabo Choke From Side – As You Have Never Seen It
– High Percentage Back Chokes
– Back Chokes 101
– Reverse Brabo Choke
– Same Shoulder Bow & Arrow Choke
– Lapel Pass Variation
– “Stop Resisting” Submission (Stolen From Watching “Cops” On TV)
– Leg Submissions
– Calf Slicer
– Banana Split
– Ezekiel Chokes – Keenan’s Best Known Submission In Competition
– Closed Guard Ezekiel – You Can Try To Mess This one Up But Keenan Doubts You Can
– Ezekiel From Omaplata
– Ezekiel From Leg Drag Combo
– 50/50 Armbar
– Alternate omaplata finishes

DVD 4: High Percentage Sweeps
– Sweeps From Spider Guard
– Howdie Doodie Sweep
– Tilt Sweep
– Knee Up Spider Guard (Excellent Counter You Can Get On the Saavy Opponent)
– De La Riva Sweep – On The Arms (Guarantee You Haven’t Seen This)

DVD 5: More Sweeps
– De La Riva Sweeps
– De La Riva 101
– Cross Grip De La Riva Sweep
– Waiter Sweep
– Berimbolo
– Berimbolo 101
– Basic Berimbolo
– Big Man Berimbolo

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