Bud Jeffries, Super strength & endurance for martial arts

Bud Jeffries, "Super strength & endurance for martial arts"
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publ | 2005 | ISBN: 1477490167 | English | PDF | 206 pages | 7.7 Mb
The exercises and advice contained within this book may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people, and the reader(s) should consult a physician before engaging in them.
The author and publisher of this book are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury, which may occur through reading and following the instructions herein.
Book Description

“To Excel at Martial Arts You Need an Incredible Level of Both Strength and Endurance that Works For You On the Mat”

* Most of the training information sold in the mainstream martial arts world is pure junk…
* A cheap bill of goods that’s been passed down from the last generation’s left over snake oil salesmen…
* Fallacies that have been passed down for the last hundred years get repeated over and over again to try and convince you that somebody’s lopsided idea of inferior training is the golden standard by which you will achieve the physical prowess you need for martial art success.

Well No More!

We are here to blow the doors off of these myths and to bring you the absolute best in physical training, strength and conditioning for your martial arts. Remember… what you read today and the information you receive in this powerful new book, Super Strength and Endurance for Martial Arts will shape your ultimate martial success and physical destiny.

How often have you heard stupid lines like this…

“You don’t need strength, just technique.”
“Real strength isn’t that important.”
“Weight training will hurt you or make you slow”
“Let’s do some functional training, here… sit on this little rubber ball and hold these two little pink dumbbells.”
“It’s all or nothing. My way or the highway. If you use anybody else’s training system it’ll kill ya. Certainly cripple you and most of your relatives. It’s bodyweight only (or substitute your favorite dogmatic training group), or death!”
“Just do a regular bodybuilding workout. It’ll make you look pretty and the rest of your martial training will take care of making you physically tough enough.”

These are all plan WRONG!

Finally a book within the martial arts scene that tells the truth.

You DO need strength and a lot of it.
You DO need endurance, the more the better.
You DO need muscle.
You DO need to tailor your training to your specific needs.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in its pages:

* The 50 greatest strength and conditioning exercises for martial arts. More than enough for you to find the gem that will skyrocket your personal strength and endurance.
* Our 50 greatest martial arts workouts. Workouts for every facet of physical development and for combining training styles for the most cutting edge and powerful progress you’ll ever make.
* Maximum strength “in art” training. A secret of the old masters.
* ‘Double Compound Conditioning.’ A little walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death that we came up with to explode your strength, muscle development and endurance all at the same time.
* Ultimate Circuits. A unique walk on the wild side of training that gives you the power to simultaneously train every major physical attribute in the same workout.
* The ‘Anderson Mixing Principle’. A powerful technique we lifted from Paul Anderson that has been proven to do what he said it would do by science fifty years later. Never before applied to martial arts. Truly powerful!
* Go the Distance Training 1 and 2. Unique workouts to take you to a new place of mental and physical toughness.
* Qi Gong in Training. How to use a basic simple Qi Gong move to unify your entire being into your movements and take your training to a new level.
* How to be super strong but still light on your feet.
* How to get a great workout with any implement available.
* Combination movements
* Before, during and after training.
* Ultimate Self-Defense fitness.
* The size, weight, speed and flexibility myth.
* How to train to hit harder. Hard enough that the FBI may keep a file on you, “just in case.”
* How to train to be unstoppable when you throw someone and how to make yourself almost impossible to throw.
* Pain Killers
* Reality Strength to overcome personal weakness
* A detailed powerful look at single limb exercises to take your martial strength to a scary place.
* … and more, much more.

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