CGCookie – Creating A Jellyfish by Kent Trammell

CGCookie – Creating A Jellyfish by Kent Trammell
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eLearning, Compositing, Cycles, Materials and Shading, Modeling, Particles, Physics/Dynamics, Rendering

The ocean is home to so many bizarre lifeforms that seem more alien than terrestrial. Jellyfish certainly fall into that category. Yet despite their strange, albeit creepy appearance, they still manage to be beautiful. A great challenge for the digital artist! So in this 4-part course I’m going to show you how to create the image above:

– Modeling: Taking advantage of Blender’s cloth simulation makes this easy and fun. Also see how powerful the modifier stack can be with arrays, lattices, and curves.
– Shading and Lighting: Jellyfish are made of a strange cloudy transparent material which makes for a challenging shader build. Learn how to generate these non-traditional shaders with Cycles.
– Post Production: Add final polish to your render with the compositor.

4 Lessons:
1. Modeling the Tentacle Arms Free!
2. Modeling the Bell
3. Shading and Lighting
4. Compositing

Giá: 30.000 vnd
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