Coaching the Little League Hitter

Coaching the Little League Hitter By John Monteleone
2004 | 144 Pages | ISBN: 0071417915 | PDF | 3 MB
Batter up! Teach your players the art of precision hitting with Coaching the Little League® Hitter
As the legendary Ted Williams once said, hitting is "the most difficult feat in all sports." But with practice, practice, practice and the help of Coaching the Little League® Hitter, you can guide your Little League players toward hitting hard line drives every at-bat!
You don't become a .300 hitter without good fundamentals, correct mechanics, strike-zone discipline, and a lot of repetition. Coaching the Little League® Hitter provides a ten-step approach for mastering the art and science of hitting. By following the step-by-step approach laid out in this book, your players will learn the proper techniques of hitting.
Featuring advice and insight in every chapter from minor league batting instructor Steve Braun, Coaching the Little League® Hitter presents the ten most important and fundamental concepts that hitters should master, including:

  • Ways to incorporate the proper hitting fundamentals with your players' own distinct batting styles
  • Ways to eliminate "happy feet" inside the box
  • Tips for loading up and increasing bat-head speed
  • How to make the stealth stride and stay under control
  • How to maintain balance while generating power
  • Tips for taking a positive mental approach

Fully approved by Little League® Baseball Inc., the definitive name in youth league baseball, and illustrated throughout with more than 100 photographs, Coaching the Little League® Hitter is guaranteed to help young baseball players learn how to hit to the best of their abilities.
John Monteleone is the author and editor of several sports books, including The Little League Guide to Correcting the 25 Most Common Mistakes, The Louisville Slugger Ultimate Book of Hitting, The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Hitting Faults and Fixes, and A Day in the Life of Major League Baseball Player. Monteleone is a former professional and college player, college coach, and an American Legion baseball coach.

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