Computer-Mediated Communication Issues and Approaches in Education

Sigrid Kelsey, ‎Kirk St. Amant – Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education
Published: 2011-10-31 | ISBN: 1613500777, 1613500793 | PDF | 324 pages | 3 MB

While the majority of Internet users reside in industrialized nations, online access in the developing world has risen rapidly in recent years. As emerging technologies increasingly permit inexpensive and easy online access, the number of Internet users worldwide will only continue to expand.
Computer Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education examines online interactions from different national, cultural, linguistic, legal, and economic perspectives, exploring how the increasingly international and intercultural Internet affects the ways users present ideas, exchange information, and conduct discussions online. Educators, researchers, and practitioners will discover ways to effectively use Web-based technologies, transcending barriers to participate and collaborate in international projects that reflect the scope and scale of todays global interactions.

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