CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae ed by Daniel Zwillinger

"CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae" ed. by Daniel Zwillinger
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Chapman & Hall / CRC Press | 2003 | ISBN: 1584882913 9781584882916 | 842 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book was the first "modern" edition of the handbook adapted to be useful in the era of personal computers and powerful handheld devices. This version will quickly establish itself as the "user-friendly" edition. With a detailed table of contents and an extensive index listing over 6,000 entries, this handbook makes information even easier to locate.

An indispensable resource makes it effortless to find the equations, tables, and formulae you need most often.

Brief Contents
Chapter 1: Analysis
Chapter 2: Algebra
Chapter 3: Discrete Mathematics
Chapter 4: Geometry
Chapter 5: Continuous Mathematics
Chapter 6: Special Functions
Chapter 7: Probability and Statistics
Chapter 8: Scientific Computing
Chapter 9: Financial Analysis
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous
List of References
List of Figures
List of Notation

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