Creative Careers in Hollywood

Creative Careers in Hollywood By Laurie Scheer
2002 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 1581152434 | PDF | 2 MB
In this candid guide, entertainment industry veteran Laurie Scheer offers a witty and informative inside look at the primary professions in the movie biz. Readers will discover real-life, yet upbeat portraits of the "shredder" jobs of the industry, such as assistant or d-girl, and how they can lead to the "keeper" jobs of actor, agent, or studio executive. Each career overview features a clever analysis of the classic film characters who memorably played these jobs on screen; an insightful rewards-risks assessment of the job; and a brief look at such essential job qualities as durability, length of stay, "food chain value," and desirability factor. Part how-to guide, part historical document, and part social commentary, this book will delight career seekers, Hollywood insiders, and film aficionados alike!

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