Desk Encyclopedia Animal and Bacterial Virology

Brian Wilfred John Mahy, ‎Marc H. V. Van Regenmortel – Desk Encyclopedia Animal and Bacterial Virology
Published: 2009-10-30 | ISBN: 0123751446 | PDF | 646 pages | 16 MB

This volume contains 81 chapters that relate to veterinary and bacterial virology. The first section describes general features of farm and other animals of agricultural importance. The following three sections detail other animal viruses, avian viruses, and viruses affecting aquatic species such as fish and crustaceans. The Section five deals with viruses which infect bacteria.
The most comprehensive single-volume source providing an overview of virology issues related to animal and bateria
Bridges the gap between basic undergraduate texts and specialized reviews
Concise and general overviews of important topics within the field will help in preparation of lectures, writing reports, or drafting grant applications

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