Dinner with Persephone Travels in Greece

Patricia Storace – Dinner with Persephone: Travels in Greece
Published: 1997-09-02 | ISBN: 0679744789, 0679421343 | EPUB + MOBI + PDF | 416 pages | 5 MB

With winning detail and infectious humor, award-winning poet and essayist Patricia Storace magically conjures up noisy, anarchist cities and quiet, idyllic towns and harbors where the unseen worlds of the past–the Roman, the Byzantine, the Ottoman–continuing to make thier presence felt.
Whether she is interpreting Hellenic dream books, pop songs, and soap operas, describing breathtakingly beautiful beaches and archaic villages, or braving the crush at a saint's tomb, Storace, winner of the Whiting Award, rewards the reader with informed and sensual insights into Greece's soul. She sees how the country's pride in its past coexists with profound doubts about its place in the modern world. She discovers a world in which past and present engage in a passionate dialogue. Stylish, funny, and erudite, Dinner with Persephone is travel writing elevated to a fine art–and the best book of its kind since Henry Miller's The Colossus of Maroussi.

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