Effective Infographic Design

Effective Infographic Design
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Infographics are becoming more and more popular worldwide and can be used as linkbait for digital campaigns, or as a visual presentation aid. In his course, Gary Simon will teach you the process of designing an Infographic based upon the war on drugs campaign!


– Effective Infographic Design 5m 46s
– Introduction 2m 24s
– Principles of Effective Infographic Design 3m 22s

– Infographic Design In Photoshop 1h 54m 40s
– Project Introduction 2m 42s
– Gathering Raw Information 3m 46s
– Wire-framing 14m 58s
– Design in Photoshop: Part 1 20m 20s
– Design in Photoshop: Part 2 14m 56s
– Design in Photoshop: Part 3 22m 24s
– Design in Photoshop: Part 4 8m 36s
– Design in Photoshop: Part 5 14m 52s
– Presentation and Saving 7m 8s
– Marketing the Infographic 4m 58s

– Conclusion 1m 58s
– Overview 1m 58s

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