Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics (Five-Volume Set)

Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics (Five-Volume Set)
by Jean-Pierre Francoise, Gregory L. Naber, Tsou Sheung Tsun
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0125126603 | 3246 pages | PDF | 46.44 MB
"This 5-volume encyclopedia contains a very comprehensive collection of articles covering the entire range of mathematical and theoretical physics. The authors of the articles include recognized leaders in their fields, and the essays themselves, each several pages in extent, are more like survey articles than "telegraphic" reviews.

To give a sense of the contents, there is a more or less continuous spectrum from physical to mathematical articles. Indeed, some of the entries are devoted to bridging the divide, e.g. "Fourier-Mukai transform in string theory", "Twistor theory: some applications".

Much effort was expended in ensuring that the articles would contain information up to the level of present knowledge, which, together with the excellent bibliographies appended to each entry, goes a long way toward ensuring the these volumes will remain a vital source of information and a valuable reference work for some time to come."

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