Foundations of fluid mechanics

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“Gallavotti’s remarkable new book, Foundations of Fluid Dynamics, takes a fresh look at the essential formulation and phenomenology of fluid dynamics as reflected in the research of the 70s, 80s and 90s. […] Foundations of Fluid Dynamics is strongly recommended, by this eviewer, for acquisition by academic libraries and for the use of anyone with a serious interest in the mathematical foundations of fluid dynamics.” (J.H. Lienhard, Applied Mechanics Review, 55/4, 2002)

“This is an advanced textbook suitable for higher level graduate coursework and as a research reference work. […] All in all, this book presents a broad range of topics in sufficient depth to make it relatively self-contained.” (Mathematical Reviews 2003e)

Product Description

This monograph on fluid mechanics is not only a superb and unique textbook but also an impressive piece of research. It is the only textbook that fully covers turbulence, all the way from the works of Kolmogorov to modern dynamics.


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