From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-Science A Chemical Engineering Perspective

Jinghai Li, Wei Ge, Wei Wang, Ning Yang, Xinhua Liu, Limin Wang, Xianfeng He, Xiaowei Wang, Junwu Wang, Mooson Kwauk – From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-Science: A Chemical Engineering Perspective
Published: 2013-04-10 | ISBN: 3642351883 | PDF | 520 pages | 15 MB

Multiscale modeling is becoming essential for accurate, rapid simulation in science and engineering. This book presents the results of three decades of research on multiscale modeling in process engineering from principles to application, and its generalization for different fields. This book considers the universality of meso-scale phenomena for the first time, and provides insight into the emerging discipline that unifies them, meso-science, as well as new perspectives for virtual process engineering.
Multiscale modeling is applied in areas including:
multiphase flow and fluid dynamics
chemical, biochemical and process engineering
mineral processing and metallurgical engineering
energy and resources
materials science and engineering

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