Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment Phase II ed by Margaret Edmunds, et al

"Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment: Phase II: Implications for Access, Quality, and Efficiency" ed. by Margaret Edmunds, Frank A. Sloan, and A. Bruce Steinwald
Board on Health Care Services; Institute of Medicine
NAS Press | 2012 | ISBN: 0309257985 9780309257992 9780309257985 | 239 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This issue examines the data sources and methods used to adjust payments, and recommended a number of changes, and applies recommendations in order to determine their potential effect on Medicare payments to hospitals and clinical practitioners. This book also offers recommendations to improve access to efficient and appropriate levels of care.

The book expresses the importance of ensuring the availability of a sufficient health care workforce to serve all beneficiaries, regardless of where they live.

Boxes, Exhibits, Figures, and Tables
Summary: Implications of Geographic Adjustment for Access, Quality, and Efficiency of Care
1 Introduction and Overview
2 Payment Simulations
3 Evidence of Geographic Variation in Access, Quality, and Workforce Distribution
4 Programs and Policies to Improve Access and Quality of Care for Beneficiaries
5 Observations on the Larger Policy Context
6 Recommendations
Appendix A-l: Technical Approach to Payment Simulations: IOM Committee Recommendations for Hospital Wage Index and Physician Geographic Adjustment Factors
Appendix A-2: Payment Simulations: Data Tables
Appendix B: Methods for the Analysis of Associations of Quality Measures with Payments in Chapter 3
Appendix C: Quality Assurance for RTI Payment Simulations
Appendix D: Public Session: Workforce, Access, and Innovation Policy Levers for Geographic Adjustment In Medicare Payment
Appendix E: Exchange of Letters Between House of Representatives Quality Coalition and Committee Chair Frank Sloan
Appendix F: Committee and Staff Biographies

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