Ground combatives training

Ground combatives training
Pictoral Annex for Existing TSP'S | 2005 | ISBN: N/A | English | 20 pages | PDF | 14.75 MB

Step-by-step instruction manual.
Stand Up in Base. Fighter's Stance.
Demonstrate Dominant Body Position.
Escape the mount, trap and roll.
Pass the guard.
Pass the guard – continued.
Achieve the mount from side control.
Escape the mount, shrimp escape.
Arm trap and roll to the rear mount.
Escape the rear mount.
Rear naked choke.
Cross collar choke from the mount and guard.
Bent arm bar from the mount and side control.
Straight arm bar from the mount & the guard.
Sweep from the arm bar attempt.
Front takedown to the mount.
Front guillotine choke.
Rear takedown to the mount.

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