Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace 3 Volume Set

Kenneth H. Silber, "Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace: 3 Volume Set"
English | ISBN: 0470525436, 0470190671 | 2010 | 2120 pages | PDF | 46 MB

The Handbook stands alone as a rigorous, evidence–based Body of Knowledge under the banner of the International Society for Performance Improvement’s “performance landscape,” and for the first time provides a unified and authoritative compendium of standard principles and best practices for improving productivity and performance in the workplace. Featuring best–in–field researchers, thinkers, and practitioners across several disciplines and geographic boundaries, each volume provides a current review of all information presently available for the three core areas of improving performance in the workplace: Instructional Design and Training Delivery; Intervention Selection and Implementation; and Measurement and Evaluation.

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