Hydraulic Fluids

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This book is a revised edition of the original Norwegian language publication issued in 1994.

Today, hydraulics is an indispensable sector of modern engineering science. Enormous technological advances have been made since the initial use of water as a hydraulic medium in Joseph Bramah’s press of 1795.

Despite the considerable number of publications dealing with hydraulics, the vast majority are principally concerned with the mechanical components and system design. Very few allot more than a chapter or so to the functional fluids which, after all, are the energy bearing media. In the following pages I therefore review the development of modern hydraulic fluids, discuss their physical/chemical properties in relation to operational requirements, and offer guidance concerning suitable maintenance routines.

It is my hope that this book may contribute to a wider understanding of the various fluid types and their discreet application. I must admit to a sometimes overwhelming temptation to include additional data, documentation and discussion with respect to a number of my own particular fields of interest. Fortunately these urges were largely curbed by an exacting deadline, otherwise I would probably still be preparing a perhaps more lucid and comprehensive though unfinished text.

This foreword would not be complete without a sincere expression of appreciation to the many people who have assisted me during the preparation of the manuscript. Particular thanks to my previous employer, Shell Norway; also to publisher Birger Mdbach and Dag Viggo in Yrkesopplzering ans (Oslo) for invaluable assistance in printing the original illustrations. Last, but not least, I would express my gratitude for the encouragement and forebearance of my wife and friends during long periods dedicated to my PC alone.

Peter Hodges

Stabekk, Norway, 7th December 1995



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