Hydrodynamics of pumps

Hydrodynamics of pumps

This book is intended as a combination of a reference for pump experts, and a monograph for advanced students interested in some of the basic problems associated with pumps. It is dedicated to my friend and colleague Allan Acosta, with whom it has been my pleasure and privilege to work for many years. But this book has other roots as well. It began as a series of notes prepared for a short course presented by Concepts ETI, Inc., and presided over by another valued colleague, David Japikse, the president of Concepts ETI, Inc. Another friend, Yoshi Tsujimoto, read early versions of the manuscript, and made many valuable suggestions. My thanks to all my other friends in turbomachinery research and the pump industry with whom it was my pleasure to be associated, including Dara Childs, Paul Cooper, Nick Cumpsty, Jules Dussourd, Tony Eastland, Arpad Fay, Jim Fenwick, S. Gopalakrishnan, Ed Greitzer, Loren Gross,

Gene Jackson, Terry Jones, Kenjiro Kamijo, Kiyoshi Minemura, Bill Morgan, Hideo Ohashi, Sheldon Rubin, Peter Runstadler, Ed Ruth, Bruno Schiavello, Helmut Siekmann, Henry Stinson, Walt Swift and a host of others. Moreover, it was a privilege to have worked on turbomachinery problems with a group of talented students at the California Institute of Technology including Sheung- Lip Ng, David Braisted, Javier Del Valle, Greg Hoffman, Curtis Meissner, Edmund Lo, Belgacem Jery, Dimitri Chamieh, Douglas Adkins, Norbert Arndt,

Ronald Franz, Mike Karyeaclis, Rusty Miskovish, Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Adiel Guinzburg and Joseph Sivo.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without Doreen’s encouragement,love, and companionship and that debt is beyond words.


Christopher Earls Brennen

California Institute of Technology, July 1994.


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