Industrial Brazing Practice

Industrial Brazing Practice

A review of modern technical literature addressing thermal joining processes shows that there are numerous contributions that relate to brazing. Surprisingly, this is a subject where, although there are several books that deal with specific areas of the process in some detail, relatively few are devoted solely to this branch of joining technology. It is now more than 25 years since I finished the revision of Industrial Brazing , and brazing technology has undergone some sweeping changes since then. Certain technical matters that were considered to be a definitive statement of the technology at that time have, in the meantime, been shown to be less than 100% accurate and have had to be modified. It is also true that the underlying knowledge of the brazing

process now to be found in industry is substantially less than that which was common in 1975; the reason for this is addressed in the Foreword. However, it was this fact that provided me with the motivation to produce this book; the fact that I retired after more than 40 years of active service in the promotion of the technology of brazing was instrumental in providing me with the time to write it.

Over the years, brazing has been good to me. It has taken me to many interesting (and some not quite so interesting) places all over the world and given me some very intriguing problems. I believe that it is only right for me to try to put back into the technology at least some of what I have received from it; this book is the result.

I suspect that it will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that, during my time in the technology, I have written well in excess of 2 million words on the subject of brazing, and many of these have found their way into print by one route or another. Some of the matters upon which I wrote were, in essence, the fundamentals of the process. Others dealt with specific topics that were, at the time they were written, perhaps at the leading edge of brazing. Some portions of those papers have been revised and edited for inclusion in this book, so if you find that some of the text in the book seems familiar, it probably is.

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