Industrial Image Processing Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing, 2nd edition

Christian Demant, Bernd Streicher-Abel and Carsten Garnica, "Industrial Image Processing: Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing, 2nd edition"
English | ISBN: 3642339042 | 2014 | 450 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This practical introduction focuses on how to design integrated solutions for industrial vision tasks from individual algorithms. The book is now available in a revised second edition that takes into account the current technological developments, including camera technology and color imaging processing. It gives a hands-on guide for setting up automated visual inspection systems using real-world examples and the NeuroCheck® standard software that has proven industrial strength integrated in thousands of applications in real-world production lines. Based on many years of experience in industry, the authors explain all the essential details encountered in the creation of vision system installations. With example material and a demo version of the software found on "" readers can work their way through the described inspection tasks and carry out their own experiments.

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