International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities

Michael Flood, "International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0415333431 | 744 pages | PDF | 4,9 MB

The International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities offers a comprehensive guide to the current state of scholarship about men, masculinities, and gender around the world. The Encyclopedia's coverage is comprehensive across three dimensions: areas of personal and social life, academic disciplines, and cultural and historical contexts and formations.

The Encyclopedia:
examines every area of men's personal and social lives as shaped by gender
covers masculinity politics, the men's groups and movements that have tried to change men's roles
presents entries on working with particular groups of boys or men, from male patients to men in prison
incorporates cross-disciplinary perspectives on and examinations of men, gender and gender relations
gives comprehensive coverage of diverse cultural and historical formations of masculinity and the bodies of scholarship that have documented them.

The Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities is composed of over 350 free-standing entries written from their individual perspectives by eminent scholars in their fields. Entries are organized alphabetically for general ease of access but also listed thematically at the front of the encyclopedia, for the convenience of readers with specific areas of interest.

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