Istanbul Stories – travel stories told by the best local tour guide

WanderStories,"Istanbul Stories – travel stories told by the best local tour guide"
ASIN:B00EKORG4U | 2013 | 282 pages | EPUB/MOBI + PDF | 3Mb + 3Mb
WanderStories leads you round the world’s famous landmarks as your own personal guide. Every major tourist attraction has a unique story to tell, and we present it as a true local guide would tell it. Everything you can see or experience will be at your fingertips along with the fascinating stories of the people who created them.

Our storytelling style brings to life the palaces and castles, mosques and markets, battlefields and monuments as history unfolds before you. We’ll tell you about emperors and sultans, concubines and eunuchs, slaves and executioners. We’ll tell you how generals and soldiers, crusaders and gladiators fought to make their mark on history. You will learn about local traditions and customs, holidays and festivals, cuisine, even jokes.

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