Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide

Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide – Abhijit Jana
2012 | ISBN: 1849692386 | PDF | 392 pages | 6.4 Mb

This book focuses on developing applications using the Kinect for Windows SDK. It is a complete end to end solution using different features of Kinect for Windows SDK with step by step guidance. The book will also help you develop motion sensitive and speech recognition enabled applications. You will also learn about building application using multiple Kinects.
The book begins with explaining the different components of Kinect and then moves into to the setting up the device and getting thedevelopment environment ready. You will be surprised at how quickly the book takes you through the details of Kinect APIs. You will use NUI to use the Kinect for Natural Inputs like skeleton tracking, sensing, speech recognizing.

What you will learn from this book :
• Understand the Kinect sensor in terms of a device, different components, and how they work.
• Step by step installation guide of SDK, troubleshooting tips and development environment setup.
• Reading the Kinect device information, monitoring and notifying the sensor status change.
• Automatically adjust the sensor elevation angle
• Understand different approaches of capturing data stream from Kinect sensor.
• Learn the uses of color, depth and IR data and how to leverage them in your applications.
• Use skeleton-tracking for interactive applications and leveraging the applications to gesture-enabled application
• Understand usages of Microphone array and build speech-enabled applications with Speech API
• Develop applications using Multiple Kinects
• Understand how to design cross device application with Kinect

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