Lasers The Technology and Uses of Crafted Light

Charlene W. Billings, ‎John Tabak – Lasers: The Technology and Uses of Crafted Light
Published: 2006-10 | ISBN: 0816047847 | PDF | 162 pages | 3 MB

Designed to give readers a sense of wonder through its recounting of the development of lasers and the ways in which they are used, Lasers, New Edition shows how the scientists and engineers who invented lasers created them as a means of pursuing a scientific theory and then had to figure out what to do with them.
Completely current, this new edition features updated information on many topics, along with five new chapters. Leading students and general readers through the amazing complexities of the world of lasers, this volume answers basic questions about the science and technology of lasers, as well as modern uses in medicine, industry, research, communications, and the military. Additionally, it examines how and why lasers have been used as substitutes for other tools, and it offers a look at the business of laser development.
Five new chapters include:
Giving Light a Workout
Illuminating Science Anew
The New Power Tools
Lasers and Modern Life
Beyond the Miracle.

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