Learning Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Course Description

In this video based Adobe Dreamweaver CC training course, expert trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to the latest advancement of this amazing web design application. Whether you are new to Dreamweaver or have used it before, Andy will take you through the basics of web design, from the planning stages of a new site all the way through to the finished product.

You will start out by learning how to build a basic site page, including how to create an external link and working with titles and text. Once you have that down, this video based training course will show you how to use the Dreamweaver layout tools, add text and pictures, add tables, and work with forms. You will learn about working with templates, library items, and snippets. Andy will walk you through how to construct a site from scratch, covering topics such as how to populate the pages with images, how to generate an image map, and how to generate hyperlinks.

By the completion of this Dreamweaver CC training course, you will be familiar with the tools and techniques available to you in order to create remarkable websites. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

01. Getting Started
02. The First Step In Web Design
03. Building Basic Site Pages
04. Adding And Formatting Text On A Site Page
05. Performing Text Searches On A Site
06. Inserting And Manipulating Images
07. Using Dreamweaver Layout Tools
08. Working With Templates, Library Items And Snippets
09. Site Construction: Begin With The End In Mind
10. Constructing A Site From Scratch
11. Fleshing Out The Site
12. Filling In The Corners
13. Working With Cascading Style Sheets
14. Behaviors And Transitions
15. The Basics Of Tables
16. Generating A Form
17. Working With Multi Media
18. Additional Considerations
19. Getting Ready For Primetime

Giá: 30.000 vnd
(Mang theo USB để chép file)

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