Learning Adobe Photoshop CS6

Course Description

In this Adobe Photoshop CS6 video training course expert author and trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to the basics of this graphics software from Adobe. Photoshop is a huge and complex program, but Andy breaks it down into bite-sized pieces that anyone, from beginner to more experienced users can understand and follow. This course is designed for a beginner, and no prior knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.

This tutorial covers the essential features of Photoshop that everyone should be familiar with. Andy starts by taking you through the interface, including the preference setup. Once you are familiar with navigating and finding tools, you cover topics such as Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, adjusting color, layers, blending, adjustments, the pen tool and paths, as well as dodging and burning. With over 13 hours in this software training video, you also go into detail with filters, manipulating images, selections, levels and curves, and so much more.

By the conclusion of this video tutorial for Adobe Photoshop CS6, you will have a clear understanding of what Photoshop has to offer, and how you can use the available tools, and apply the demonstrated techniques to enhance your own images. Working files are included to allow you to practice alongside the author as he teaches you during this course.

Table of Contents

01. Getting Started
02. Photoshop CS6 Essentials
03. Getting Started
04. Viewing – Controlling Images
05. Adobe Photoshop Bridge
06. Working In The Camera Raw Plug-In
07. Working In The World Of Color
08. The Photoshop CS6 Layers Panel
09. Photoshop Blending Modes
10. Adjustment Layers
11. Layer Styles
12. Pen Tool And The Paths Panel
13. Controlling Selective Portions Of An Image
14. Going Retro With Grayscale
15. Photoshop Filters
16. Fixing And Manipulating Images
17. Essentials Of Selection
18. Working Smart With Actions
19. The Basics Of Levels And Curves
20. Working With The Brush Tools
21. Working With Photoshop Type
22. Outputting Photoshop Documents
23. Conclusion

Giá: 30.000 vnd
(Mang theo USB để chép file)

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