Learning After Effects CS5 Video Training

Course Description

In this Adobe After Effects CS5 Tutorial Video you are taken through the an introduction to this powerful post-production software by a true Adobe Expert. Tom Green, among other things, a widely published book author, an Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Education Leader, Professor of Interactive Media at Humber College in Ontario, Canada, and much much more. They don't come much more qualified than this to teach an Adobe After Effects CS5 training course!

You will start out with the basics – composition, file import, and a tour of the interface you will come to know and love. Quickly accelerating through topics such as text, animation, keying, and other important lessons, this video tutorial gets deeper into Adobe After Effects even than most books you will find on the subject. You will not only learn applying effects to your videos, but how to create mattes, play with depth of field, 3D effects, even some basic audio work.

In this computer based tutorial, you will watch as expert Tom Green takes you through each step in his lessons, and at the same time, you can work on the exact same files, as he has included more than 1.5 GB of working files for you. By the conclusion of this Adobe After Effects CS5 tutorial, you will be completely comfortable working with your own video and projects in this powerful software.

Table of Contents

01. Introduction
02. AE Quick Start – Part 1
02. AE Quick Start – Part 2
03. Animating Text
04. Keying And Alpha Video
05. Animating
06. Effects – Part 1
07. Effects – Part 2
08. Color And After Effects
09. Painting In After Effects
10. After Effects Lab
11. Masks And Shape layers
12. Working In 3D
13. After Effects Projects
14. Playing With Particles
15. Tracking With Mocha
16. Add Audio To After Effects
17. Using Expressions
18. Integrating With Other Adobe Products
19. Rendering: The End Game
20. Goodbye

Giá: 30.000 vnd
(Mang theo USB để chép file)

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