Learning Field Hockey

Learning Field Hockey by Katrin Barth, Lutz Nordmann
2007 | ISBN: 1841262102 | English | 151 pages | PDF | 19.50 MB

Field hockey is an incredibly enjoyable sport for young players, but it gets even more fun when players can skillfully handle the hockey stick and ball, and when they have mastered the important techniques for passing, defence, dribbling and – of course – scoring goals. "Learning…Field Hockey" is packed with practical hints, tips, and exercises that will help young players with all the skills they need to really enjoy the game. Also included in this volume are interesting facts about the game itself, tips on health and nutrition, as well as a number of quizzes and exercises to help youngsters practice what they have learnt. This will become an invaluable resource for children who love hockey, and parents and coaches who want to keep kids active and motivated.

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