Magento 13 Sales Tactics Cookbook

Magento 1.3 Sales Tactics Cookbook By William Rice
2010 | 292 Pages | ISBN: 1849510121 | PDF | 18 MB
  • Solve real-world Magento sales problems with a collection of simple but effective recipes
  • Build a professional Magento sales web site, with the help of easy-to-follow steps and ample screenshots, to solve real-world business needs and requirements
  • Develop your web site by using your creativity and exploiting the sales techniques that suit your needs
  • Provide visitors with attractive and innovative features to make your site sell
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

In Detail
Magento is a feature-rich, professional open source e-commerce solution that offers users complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Although Magento provides users with the power to create dynamic e-commerce sites, it can be challenging to get beyond the basics and create sites that are tailored to your unique business needs.
This book gives you a hands-on experience on Magento, helping you increase your revenue by implementing proven sales tactics on your Magento site.
After creating an online store with Magento, you will follow a defined series of steps to boost revenues on your site. By following straightforward instructions you can implement some proven e-commerce sales techniques. You will learn to customize the default Magento storefront so that it becomes your store and also learn about Magento's directory structure and where some of the elements of a store are customized. As you work your way through each chapter, your store will grow in scope and sophistication. By the time you finish this book you should have a basic, but complete working online store.

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