Major process equipment maintenance and repair

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The readers of the four volumes on “Machinery Management” can be di  those who can say: That’s exactly  what happened to me back in 19- those who can say: Why didn’t I know this back in 19– ?! – those who can say: I hope I’ll remember all this when I am in charge! In other words, those with a lot, a little, and no experience stand to benefit from studying these four volumes. Maybe some of the people with a lot of experience could find other ways to solve a particular case, but even they cannot match the knowledge and experience that the authors amassed in these books.

In the past, many a good Machinery Manager was “made” through many years of experience, and also through many costly mistakes. These “experts” passed on their experience to the people they worked with, but seldom could experience gained in one particular location prepare someone for the multitude of things that can go wrong. It is because of this that the authors must be commended for their effort to disseminate not only their experience, but also the lessons they learned from many other experts.

Volume 4 complements the first three books by focusing on major equipment installation and repair-foundations, pumps, blowers, turbines, electric motors, and lubrication and storage. These four volumes contain a wealth of information on machinery found in most petrochemical plants, and in their quest for perfection, three principal groups will benefit from this text: Those who design machinery, those who maintain machinery, and those who operate machinery.

As a manufacturer of machinery, I realize that only knowledgeable people can fully utilize our efforts to make the best machines, to give guidelines on how to optimally maintain these machines, and finally how to best operate these machines.

Used in conjunction with the preceding three volumes or used alone, this book will make the reader a knowledgeable person. vided, in my opinion, into three categories:


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