MMA Mastery Ground and Pound (MMA Mastery series)

Mark Hatmaker – MMA Mastery: Ground and Pound (MMA Mastery series)
Tracks Publishing | 2008 | ISBN: 1884654398, 9781884654398 | English | 178 pages | PDF | 6.48 MB

Offering cohesion and clarification for what is currently a loose collection of strategies, this reference delves into the “ground and pound” fighting method—winning a fight by striking an opponent after a takedown. Demonstrating through fight metrics how just as many matches are won by strikes as submissions, this manual addresses the importance of proper “grounding” and lists an array of riding, pinning, and transitioning skills. Following the first element up by introducing an exhaustive “pounding” vocabulary, this guide is key to making stand-up strikers all the more formidable on the floor. Guaranteed to improve the game of even the best submission players, this handbook ensures tighter defense and enhanced offensive tactics, offering a one-stop solution for this vital but often overlooked aspect of the mixed martial arts arena.

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