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Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator v6.8.0.0 Multilingual

Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator v6.8.0.0 Multilingual | 198 MB

Based on factories’ manufacturing and colleges’ teaching experience, Nanjing Swan Software Technology Company developed the following software: FANUC, SIMUMERIK, MITSUBISHI, GSK, HNK, KND, WA, SKY, HAAS, GREAT, RENHE, FAGOR, DASEN, and simulation software. Through which, we can attain the aim of enabling students to have the experience of practical manipulation on a largely-reduced cost.

Swansoft CNC Simulation includes 17 sorts, 67 systems, and 126 control panels. It has programming and processing function of FANUC, SIEMENS(SINUMERIK), MITSUBISHI, FAGOR, HAAS, PA , Romi, GSK, HNC, KND, DASEN, WA ,GREAT,SANYING, RENHE, SKY. By using the software in PC, students can master operation of all kinds of NC lathe, NC milling and machining center in short time. Teachers can gain current operation information of students’ at any time through network teaching.


  • New machine model
  • Z-Axis Gauge
  • View Tree, Optical Edge Finder
  • Cylindrical workpiece for NC milling
  • Network version providing remote assistance function
  • Adding visualized NC code debug tool
  • Teaching function of network version adding quality setting of video broadcast
  • FANUC,SIEMENS polar programming, G02, G03 helix interpolation
  • Mitsubishi E60 macro programming
  • SINUMRIK series NC system adds parameter programming (variable programming) and conditional jumping
  • FANUC macro programming
  • Horizontal and vertical ATC automatic too change system switching


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