Natural Gas Hydrates Experimental Techniques and Their Applications ed by Yuguang Ye, Changling Liu

"Natural Gas Hydrates: Experimental Techniques and Their Applications" ed. by Yuguang Ye, Changling Liu
Springer Geophysics
Springer | 2013 | ISBN: 3642311016 9783642311000 9783642311017 | 407 pages | PDF | 20 MB

This book attempts to broadly integrate the most recent knowledge in the fields of hydrate experimental techniques in the laboratory. The book examines various experimental techniques in order to provide useful parameters for gas hydrate exploration and exploitation. It provides experimental techniques for gas hydrates, including the detection techniques, the thermo-physical properties, permeability and mechanical properties, geochemical abnormalities, stability and dissociation kinetics, exploitation conditions, as well as modern measurement technologies etc.

The book will be of interest to experimental scientists who engage in gas hydrate experiments in the laboratory, and is also intended as a reference work for students concerned with gas hydrate research.

Brief Contents
1 Introduction
2 Development of the Experiment Detection Technique
3 Relationship Between Acoustic Properties and Hydrate Saturation
4 Detecting Hydrate in Porous Media Using Electrical Resistance
5 Thermophysical Properties of Gas Hydrate in Porous Media
6 Experimental Techniques for Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
7 Experimental Studies of Marine Gas Hydrate Geochemical Anomalies
8 Experimental Simulation of Hydrate Accumulation and Dispersion in Pore Fluids
9 Stable Conditions of Marine Gas Hydrate
10 Natural Gas Hydrate Dissociation
11 Experimental Studies on Techniques to Extract Natural Gas Hydrate
12 Measurement of Gas Hydrate by Laser Raman Spectrometry
13 Application of Modern Instruments Measurement Techniques for Hydrate Research

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