No Holds Barred Fighting Takedowns

Mark Hatmaker – No Holds Barred Fighting: Takedowns
Tracks Publishing | 2005 | ISBN: 1884654258 | English | 226 pages | PDF | 10.35 MB

Throws, Trips, Drops and Slams for NHB Competition and Street Defense.
This fourth No Holds Barred Fighting training manual contains all fighters need to know about the art of takedowns, or "shooting," and how to counter takedown tactics used by an opponent. Readers learn to see it from both sides with offensive and defensive stances, footwork, setups, and shooting techniques. Several variations of the most commonly employed shots are featured—double leg takedowns, single leg takedowns, snatch singles, and low singles—as well as counters for each. Hundreds of sequential photos illustrate the steps, grips, and angles of every move, and takedowns are included for use inside the inevitable clinch. Sections on drills and chains, as well as a list of resources for further practice, round out the text.


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