Numerical Modelling in Damage Mechanics

Numerical Modelling in Damage Mechanics.pdf


This publication contains seventeen selected papers derived from the thirty four papers presented during the Euromech Colloquium “Numerical Modelling in Damage Mechanics” held in Troyes at the University of Technology of Troyes, October 2000, with Professors JL Chaboche, K Saanoumi and P Steinmann as co-chairmen.

Damage mechanics has now reached a high degree of maturity and is currently used for many different applications connected with numerical simulation techniques. Many attempts have been made to build efficient numerical tools for damage initiation and growth simulation in mechanical structures under both small and large deformation

hypotheses. The objectives of the colloquium published here were to gather recent advances in numerical and computational aspects of damage mechanics, and also to stimulate current research and future challenges in this field.

We invite the reader to make his own explorations. Simply, we hope that the reader will find this publication of much intertest and a stimulus to further research.

Finally, we should like to thank all the contributors to the Euromech 417 colloquium, on whose proceedings this publication is based.


Khemais Saanouni


Universite de Technologie de Troyes


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