Organic Farming and Food Production

Petr Konvalina – Organic Farming and Food Production
Published: 2012 | ISBN-10: 9535108425 | ISBN-13: 9789535108429 | PDF | 198 pages | 5 MB

This is the book where as many different existing studies as possible could be presented in a single volume, making it easy for the reader to compare methods, results and conclusions. The studies from countries such as Romania, Poland, The Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovenia, Finland, etc. have been compiled into one book.
The opportunity to compare results and conclusions from different countries and continents will create a new perspective in organic farming and food production as well as help researchers and students from all over the world to attain new and interesting results in this field.
Section 1 Organic Farming
1 Environmental Impact and Yield of Permanent Grasslands: An Example of Romania
2 Organic Cereal Seed Quality and Production
3 Option Models Application of Investments in Organic Agriculture
Section 2 Organic Food Quality and Sustainability
4 The Quality of Organically Produced Food
5 'Healthy Food' from Healthy Cows
6 Organic and Conventional Farmers'Attitudes Towards Agricultural Sustainability
7 Production and Distribution of Organic Foods: Assessing the Added Values
Section 3 Alternative Feed
8 The Use of Cactus as Forage for Dairy Cows in Semi-Arid Regions of Brazil

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