PCI Design Handbook Precast and Prestressed Concrete

PCI Design Handbook: Precast and Prestressed Concrete By Leslie D. Martin, Christopher J. Perry
2004 | 736 Pages | ISBN: 0937040711 | PDF | 50 MB
Changes have been made throughout the document. Some of particular importance include:
• Updated to the ACI 318-02 Building Code, other current PCI publications, and publications of other technical associations.
• Chapter 1 includes updated photographs that illustrate recent projects.
• Chapter 2 includes new load tables for 15 ft wide double tees.
• Chapter 3 has major changes in seismic analysis and design to reflect significant stateof-the-art revisions contained in IBC 2003.
• Chapter 4 includes the latest torsion design procedures based on the Zia and McGee approach as updated by Zia and Hsu.
• Chapter 5 has expanded and detailed stripping, handling and bracing analysis procedures.
• Chapter 6 has been updated to reflect the latest headed stud design criteria, advanced steel component design procedures and the Instantaneous Center Method of weld analysis.
• Chapter 7 is updated to include the state of the art on architectural precast concrete.
• Chapter 8 has been revised to include updated information on tolerances.
• Chapter 9 has major revisions that reflect current practice on such items as fire resistive design and vibration in concrete structures.
• Chapter 11 has many new design aids.

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