Power Electronics Design A Practitioner#x27;s Guide

Power Electronics Design: A Practitioner's Guide
by Keith H. Sueker
English | 2005 | ISBN: 0750679271 | 272 pages | PDF | 1.53 MB
This book serves as an invaluable reference to Power Electronics Design, covering the application of high-power semiconductor technology to large motor drives, power supplies, power conversion equipment, electric utility auxiliaries and numerous other applications.

Design engineers, design drafters and technicians in the power electronics industry, as well as students studying power electronics in various con****s, will benefit from Keith Sueker's decades of experience in the industry. With this experience, the author has put the overall power electronics design process in the con**** of primary electronic components and the many associated components required for a system.

The seeming complexity of power electronics design is made transparent with Keith Sueker's simple, direct language and a minimum reliance on mathematics. Readers will come away with a wealth of practical design information that has hundreds of explanatory diagrams to support it, having also seen many examples of potential pitfalls in the design process. A down-to-earth approach, free of complex jargon and esoteric information. Over 200 illustrations to clarify discussion points. Examples of costly design goofs will provide invaluable cautionary advice


Ch. 1 Electric power 1
Ch. 2 Power apparatus 15
Ch. 3 Analytical tools 39
Ch. 4 Feedback control systems 49
Ch. 5 Transients 57
Ch. 6 Traveling waves 65
Ch. 7 Transformers and reactors 73
Ch. 8 Rotating machines 101
Ch. 9 Rectifiers and converters 115
Ch. 10 Phase control 125
Ch. 11 Series and parallel operation 153
Ch. 12 Pulsed converters 163
Ch. 13 Switchmode systems 169
Ch. 14 Power factor and harmonics 181
Ch. 15 Thermal considerations 203
Ch. 16 Power electronics applications 215
App. A Converter equations 229
App. B Lifting forces 231
App. C Commutation notches and THDv 233
App. D Capacitor ratings 235
App. E Rogowski coils 237
App. F Foreign technical words 239
App. G Aqueous glycol solutions 241
App. H Harmonic cancellation with phase shifting 243
App. I Neutral currents with nonsinusoidal loads 245

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