Print Production Essentials Packaging (2013)

Packaging is where engineering meets design. Learn about the basics of designing packages for everything from foodstuffs to fragrance, in ways that are practical for manufacturing and shipping, and make the products visually appealing.

Author Claudia McCue reviews the types of containers real packaging engineers consider, and then concentrates on folding cartons, which can be created with the tools available to most designers: Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Learn how to create dielines (the flattened view of your product) and add artwork and text. Then find out how to print and cut out a mockup version of your packaging, and prepare the job for professional printing. Claudia also takes you for a quick view of the factory floor, where products are packed into their final containers.

Topics include:
– Deciding on the type of package
– Considering the consumer experience
– Replicating an existing package
– Adding flaps and fold-in tabs
– Using Illustrator and InDesign for layout
– Creating a dieline
– Checking the mockup
– Preparing your jobs for the printer

Giá: 30.000 vnd
(Mang theo USB để chép file)

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