Protect Yourself Secret of Unarmed Defense

Brooks Mendell – Protect Yourself: Secret of Unarmed Defense
Nelson Double Day Inc. | 1944 | ISBN: N/A | English | 86 pages | PDF | 14.98 MB

In perfecting this system of self-defense in hand-to-hand combat, it has been the writer's goal to make available to anyone a simple set of defense measures designed to be used in any emergency where one's person is in danger of physical assault. Fully explained both in pictures and words in the pages of this book, these holds and throws enable you to protect yourself from the tricks of jujitsu, judo, mugging, and all forms of physical attack. It is a simple and direct science—a matter of knowing how your muscles and joints work, of understanding the vital relation between movement and balance, of knowing what your opponent's weak points are and what your own strong points are. And there is something more, when you have mastered this system—a confidence that comes to you with the knowledge that you have developed a set of mind-directed reflexes that will protect you, even in situations where ordinarily you would not have time to "think" what to do next. The limitations of right- and left-handedness can be ignored, and even the advantage your opponent may sometimes have in strength and size. The old adage—"In knowledge is strength"—was never more accurately applied than to the art of easy, effective self-defense in action.

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